Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Best Things Curently

Warm showers on a cold day
Knowing that everything is going to be okay
Falling asleep to rain
Being trusted by a secret
The moment i put my head underwater on a hot day
When my hair is perfect
feeling pretty
Laughing so much it hurts
Late summer nights on the beach
Feeling the sun on my back

Being able to be my self and know im not getting judged

Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Those really simple things i Love

- When anyone text me first

- Singing in the shower and feeling like i should be famous by now

- Those fiery red sunsets, i want to go out with  a bang like that too

- Those smiles you give your friends when they are around me 

- Amazing books and movie

- Uncontrollable laughter

- Those late night talk you have with your friends where everything just comes out naturally and you know they will never tell a soul

- Dancing in the rain

- Could old couple that you know have been together forever

- The warm feeling you get when someone says "you just made my day" !!

- Smiling in the faces of those who hurt you

- The smell of chocolate on a rainy morning

- The days when all my friends are in good mood and we dont care what anyone thinks of us because we're having fun